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Insulated Travel Mug Cupcakes Bakery Donuts Travel


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Cupcakes Bakery Donuts Travel Mug Travel Tumbler Coffee Mug Stainless Steel Travel Mug Insulated Tumbler Insulated Travel Mug Coffee Tumbler Sport Tumbler Fitness Tumbler Travel Gifts

You just can’t get enough of our 16 oz Stainless Steel Travel Mugs. Our prints go directly to the mug, so you do not have to worry about it peeling or fading away. The smoothness of the surface is also preserved over time.

The mugs are double walled, and this keeps your drinks either hot or cold as you may want it for up to 12 hours. Also, we guarantee the firmness of the mug as the screws and lids do not allow any spill whatsoever no matter how it’s being handled.

We could make for you customised mugs with prints of your choice or even your photo. Kindly contact me via personal message with the attached image.


Although the bottom of the travel mug reads “Dishwasher safe”, it is also of utmost importance to regard the recommendation with is inserted reading “hand wash only.”
While washing with a dishwasher is no problem at all; we, however, recommend, for longevity sake, the use of hand wash only

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